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Stripe Account for Small Business

Any business needs an effective payment acceptance system.
Any business needs an effective payment acceptance system. Even if your turnovers are still small, it is important to provide your customers with a convenient way to pay for purchases, and for you to withdraw them without fear of bans and freezing of funds. At the same time, if we talk about small businesses, the profitability of using a payment system is of decisive importance for the entrepreneur. Significant losses on commissions s negatively affect the progress of the business.

If you are still looking for a payment system or for a more profitable than your current one, we recommend you to consider Stripe. Perhaps you have already rejected this variant because you heard about the unavailability of this system in your country. But don't hurry with conclusions. You can use the Stripe account absolutely legally, even if this payment system is not officially represented in your country. More on that later, now we propose to consider its advantages in details.
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Why Stripe is a good business solution
Several reasons to choose a Stripe account as a payment system for a small business:
  • Low commission, which is only 1.4% + € 0.25 from European payments and 2.9% + 30 ¢ outside Europe (USA and others);
  • Correct work according to the dropshipping scheme. Officially, the system does not welcome this format, but it does not block accounts either;
  • Correctly registered and leveled up accounts withstand high turnover up to half a million a month;
  • Flexible settings of payment terms for buyers., additional windows and links to other pages do not pop up during the transfer of money, which doesn’t repel or deter potential buyers from placing an order;
  • Fast withdrawal of funds - for new accounts up to a week, and for leveled ones in just three days;
  • This is a reliable and proven system without unreasonable banssupport works effectively and the service is maximally focused on the consumers’ needs.
Stripe solution is exactly what you need for your business. The next question is how to legally work with the system in a country where it is not represented? There are several ways, but the simplest and most affordable is to buy or rent an account. It can be created according to a special algorithm for your individual or for another legal entity and transferred to you for use. We do not recommend to buy accounts from dubious no-name companies. There is a completely transparent and legal scheme, thanks to which you can successfully develop your business.
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Why is it safe to rent or buy a Stripe account from us?
  • We have been dealing with it for more than 4 years and have helped 3000+ clients to establish payment acceptance;
  • We sell new accounts and rent out the leveled ones, depending on the needs of your business;
  • We work openly according to a transparent scheme and are responsible for the result.
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