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Stripe Account in Thailand

Thailand is popular among tourists due to its atmosphere and vibe. Every year millions of tourists visit the country and spend their money there.
Thailand is popular among tourists due to its atmosphere and vibe. Every year millions of tourists visit the country and spend their money there. But at times of low season the flow of tourists decreases, and businesses need scaling – international expansion is one of the best solutions.
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How to accept payments when trading with different countries?

An important point is the choice of a system for accepting payments from customers online. Stripe has been standing out among such services for many years. It’s a reliable payment gateway with a user-friendly interface, simple setup, and favorable prices. The account in this system is fairly easy to set up, integrate with other tools, and easy to maintain thanks to its API.

Here are some of the benefits of using Stripe in Thailand as a payment gateway on your website:

  • Regular payments is a great solution for setting up automatic recurring payments or payments by subscription on your site. The system can automatically bill the customer every month or year upon request.
  • Deferred payments allow your customers to test a particular service before actually paying for it. This is a good option for services with free trials.
  • Discounts and promo codes with a Stripe account can be easily configured for customer use. This is good for those running promotions.
  • Possibility to re-invoice without saving credit card details.
  • Profitable, convenient, and flexible pricing policy.
  • Excellent alert system.
  • No return fees.
  • Informative interface with graphs and diagrams makes all data understandable.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly checkout increases the conversion.

FirstPayments specialists can help entrepreneurs of any country to start using Stripe. There is no need to worry about violations, because the method is completely legal. You can immediately start accepting payments from all over the world after installing and configuring the service.

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