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Stripe Account in South Africa

Global online sales run into billions of dollars annually, and most purchases are paid online.
Global online sales run into billions of dollars annually, and most purchases are paid online. Business newcomers, regardless of the chosen niche, often choose Stripe to reach the international market. It is an American company with a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments from customers all over the world. Unfortunately, there is a list of accredited countries where Stripe is available, and South Africa is not yet on it, but there are options to circumvent restrictions.
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How to organize the acceptance of payments?

Since Stripe accounts are the most convenient solution, you should figure out the possible connection methods. It used to be popular to register the LLC remotely in America, and this method has worked for years. The service itself offers creating a profile through Stripe Atlas. Although this is also an official method, due to stricter control and long verification, Stripe may block your account without explaining the reasons, even after waiting for this time.

If you intend to register a Stripe account in South Africa, contact FirstPayments. We will help you to quickly figure out how to deal with payment acceptance, and how to get an account for your business in this system. Accounts in this system are convenient for any e-commerce and dropshipping projects. You will not need to register a legal entity to work with Stripe. Our team offers the optimal solution - ready-made promoted accounts, that can be purchased with a guarantee of replacement in case of blockage. Contact us to find out more.
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