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Stripe Account in India

Are you facing certain issues while choosing the optimal payment system for your online business in India?
Are you facing certain issues while choosing the optimal payment system for your online business in India? Many entrepreneurs are familiar with this. It seems unreal to find an ideal payment system. Some offer high commissions that make doing business unprofitable, others do not ensure high speed of transactions and withdrawals, and sometimes unreasonably block and freeze accounts. It is not easy to develop a successful business in such conditions.

It’s essential to know that many payment systems have complex payment algorithms with links to other pages, which can spoil potential users’ experience and negatively influence your sales. But there is always a way out, and we have a solution to offer.
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Convenient payment system for your business

Many Indian entrepreneurs have probably heard about the Stripe payment system. But given that it is not officially represented in India, they immediately put this option aside. In fact, the restriction can be easily and legally circumvented. The easiest, most affordable, and reliable way is to purchase a Stripe account for accepting payments in India from anywhere in the country. This can be a new account registered on your private entity, or an account that has already been promoted for large turnovers, registered on our legal entity. We do not recommend choosing no-name companies in the search for a better price. This may lead to losses and other costs for the business. We work transparently and take full responsibility for the results. You can choose one of the three tariffs for your business and receive comprehensive support from us at every stage.

Benefits of using a Stripe account for your business:

  • Higher probability to bring all your clients to the final step of payment. A large percentage of buyers abandon their carts during the payment process due to redirection to third-party resources and pages. Stripe allows your customers to pay on site, increasing their loyalty and trust;
  • Quick withdrawal of funds to your accounts (up to 7 days);
  • No unreasonable bans and freezes;
  • Minimal commission on turnover. Pricing in Stripe is as loyal as possible, so entrepreneurs can successfully promote their business without losing large amounts on commission;
  • Proper work with dropshipping projects.

Let your business prosper with the payment acceptance system

Our company has been providing services for the sale of accounts for more than 4 years. We work with legal schemes, without risking either our reputation or the client's business. Explore our tariffs and contact our managers to boost your business.
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