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Is Stripe Accounts Safe

Payment system security is the responsibility of every entrepreneur.
ayment system security is the responsibility of every entrepreneur. You must carefully analyze this factor in order to protect yourself and your customers’ data when choosing a payment system. The consequences of a leak of information related to bank details can destroy your business completely.

We want to take a closer look at the safety of making payments in the Stripe system. This is an international system for accepting payments from anywhere in the world. It is popular and has a high level of users’ trust. This is justified by the general conditions of use of the system and, in particular, by the high level of its protection.
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How Stripe ensures the security of payments?

The first thing that distinguishes this system from others is the rejection of the 3-D Secure technology, according to which a code sent to the mobile is requested to confirm the payment. Instead, the company is fully PCI-DSS compliant. It complies with the 12 detailed requirements to ensure the safety of cardholder data.

In addition, the Stripe secure payments are provided with its own set of control tools. Machine learning algorithms are aimed at detecting and preventing fraud. The system analyzes all payments, tracks their patterns, and evaluates risks. The company confirms that it is able to reduce the rate of fraud by 25% thanks to these solutions.

The vigilance of the payment system is at a very high level, so the user is advised to take into account the existing rules and monitor their implementation. Indeed, if suspicious actions are detected, there is a risk of blocking the account. The system will not freeze accounts and will not continue to ban the account for no good reasons, so such careful control and security of transactions are useful for the entrepreneur.

Interested in how to use the system in your country? If it is not officially represented in your country, this is not a reason to refuse a convenient, profitable, and secure solution for accepting online payments. This limitation can be circumvented without breaking the law and risking business by renting or buying a Stripe account from a trusted company. Our company has been providing such services for more than 4 years and has helped more than 2000 clients to bring their business to a new level thanks to a reliable payment system. Don't pay huge commissions and don't risk the safety of your customers' data by using doubtful services. Everything is transparent and reliable with Stripe. And we will help you choose the best tariff and arrange the acceptance of transactions with the withdrawal of money to your accounts.

Convenient and secure payment service for customers and entrepreneurs

If you think that paying for a service or product is the final step of turning a site guest into a client, you are wrong. It is in this process that many users stop one step before the last action. For example, if the payment system offers to go to another page to complete a payment. This causes mistrust and repels the customers, but nevertheless, many services still work in the Outsite format. There are no such problems with Stripe. Contact us to discuss the details and find the best solution for your business.
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